ZSK, Berliner Punkband


Our archive holds analogue and digital image stock material from the 1990s until today in stock.

Between 2006 and 2020 we have filled an online archive comprising more then 500.000 digital images. The keyword-based search of our database will be still available in future under the following link:

Malzkornfoto / Fanport Archive Link

For the time being our online-Archive is locked to the public during the course of reprogramming and optimizing the archive for future use.

The malzkornfoto – web database was started in 2007. It is a fast online search engine meeting your and our needs. In 2021 it is undergoing a number of changes, mainly as the underlying code and the website design were outdated.

Main changes are that the database will still offer fast search results but does not offer registration- or any download-options in future.

You as our client will still be able search the database for keywords in near future: The database then generates a list of filenames derived from your search.

We will answer any of your wishes for image stock at any time.

The keyword-related database will still grow in future as we are in the process of digitalizing our analogue material and updating older digital material. By thus providing you with a centralized concise record of our work.

Between 2007 and 2020 we offered our customers as a service to host their images in our online database. This function has since been switched of by us after an announcement at the beginning of 2020. The previous user accounts have been removed by us and can no longer be reached.

The images of our customers remain archived on our non-public servers.