a Journey Back in Time

Even if Stefan has withdrawn from active photography, his work remains. It helps that Stefan Malzkorn apart from having been a passionate photographer – always made journalistic demands on his work and actively accompanied the emergence of the new media in his hometown of Hamburg. This includes his demand for archiving and data security. Since 2006, Stefan has consequently standardized the keywording of his images and developed his online database, which is still in existence today.

Photography, Archiving and Data

In the meantime, the main task of Malzkornfoto|Hamburg is to retrospectively record and standardize digital and analogue image and publication material: a work that we assume will largely be completed in 2023. This work will be exciting, for us and for you: A journey back in time to the early 90s, in a photographic diary that documented almost every day from 1991 to 2018. We document this journey through time in our blog here on Malzkornfoto.de.

Stay Tuned

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