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about Malzkornfoto

Malzkornfoto is presenting a selection from 25ys of photography

a wide range of images from our archives that are holding more then 500.000 digital images in stock:

music, arts, culture, feature photography, events, people, Hamburg, gastronomy and food-stills.

A journey into photographic history that started in 1991.

And a journey into the history of music, stretching from Nirvana to Montserrat Caballe, from Loveparade to Bachfest Leipzig.

Meet the moments of an outstanding carreer.

Meet a „Rock’n’Roll“ – photographer who crossed borders, and who at the heart of his work himself was a performer on a daily live-stage.

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send an e-Mail via malzkorn(at)malzkornfoto.de or follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

The Homepage that we used between 2006 and 2020 will come back to you updated in a short while. The page remains accessible under the following link:

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